Global Women in VC Directory

The worlds’s largest directory for women in VC

The world’s largest global directory for women in venture capital to find each other, connect, and collaborate.
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We launched the Global Women in VC Directory today to showcase the phenomenal 1K+ community of women in vc worldwide and some of the fascinating stats we've pulled from the community.
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It's fantastic to see a resource like this pulled together! Congrats @sutiandong!
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I'm curious if you were surprised or learned anything from the data you've collected, @sutiandong and @jessicapeltz.
@jessicapeltz @rrhoover not surprised per se, but the data is the first time we've been able to *quantify* things people have been saying for years - IE women don't just invest in consumer internet, that there are more women at the early stages, etc. We'll definitely have more insights to share as we continue gathering data and synthesizing it.
@andres_dancausa Hi! The directory right now is only open to women in VC who have contributed their information, but we will be releasing public views in the coming months for women who would like their information more broadly shared - keep looking out for the updates!
it is 2019...when do we stop to "think in genders" and start to build something great together without the fixation on genders?