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Matthijs Otterloo
Matthijs OtterlooMaker@matthijs_soest
Hi there everyone! I'm happy to publish this project called Global Voting. The 2016 US Elections are going viral all over the world, everyone has their own opinion about Hillary and Trump. But when you don't live in the beautiful United States, there's no good way to give your opinion. That's why I created this product together with Christopher. It's super easy to cast a vote, after your vote you'll see it appear on the map where we give a good overview of who people are voting for. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Give me your feedback! Have a nice day, and don't forget to vote ;)
Liam F. Tjoa
Liam F. Tjoa@liamtjoa · Founder GoSpooky
@matthijs_soest Cool project! Also really curios what the results will be per country! How do you prevent trolls from interfering the project?
Matthijs Otterloo
Matthijs OtterlooMaker@matthijs_soest
@liamtjoa Thanks! Won't be a good idea to tell here because there'll probably be a bypass 😉
"Die Zeit", one of Germany's largest newspapers is doing something similar:
Matthijs Otterloo
Matthijs OtterlooMaker@matthijs_soest
@muenchdo ah thanks for referring. didn't see this website, although it doesn't show anything like a map on the website which mine does 😉
David Knap
David Knap@david_knap
Nicely done. Very interesting!
Michael Dijkstra
Michael Dijkstra@cyclia · Delivering moments, building websites.
Fun project! Interesting what the results will be. Nice! :)
oty@otymix · @oneTapVote | WiProgress
Hey @matthijs_soest Very intresting , we had the same idea , the execution is a little bit different but intresting to see this :-) mine is @OneTapVote , woulld love to hear your feedback on it