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Kwun-Lok NG
Kwun-Lok NG@kwunlokng ·
Hello, world! We built this page because there was one question our friends and other startups kept asking us. That is, how do you get such global media coverage? The story of our company, Jobbatical, has been featured in over 200 media outlets in more than 30 countries around the world in the past year, which has helped us gather a highly diverse community of techies and innovators from every (inhabited) continent. Innovation hubs are cropping up all across the world, which means a startup can succeed no matter where it is based. Getting global coverage is more important than ever, as it can determine your success. That is why we’ve gathered a list of tech media in different countries, to make it easier for you to get that worldwide exposure. Leave a comment below if you'd like to get more information about the page. We will continue to add more links, and welcome any suggestions or feedback!