Global Broadcasts

Get the news from every corner of the world.

This application provide the news from local media of different countries. You will get to know what happening in all the countries. You can read the news by county wise. In every 15 minutes you will get the latest news.
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👋 Hi Product Hunt, Thank you for checking this product. Around 1 month back I feel that I am missing the important information which is not focussed by local media, Then I decided to do something to solve this issue this product is the result of it. I had a few ideas to improve Globalbroadcasts further, Now I am releasing this as a first version to get the feedback and feature suggestions. I am super excited to listen your feedback and ideas. Thanks!
Great to have news from all over the world at one platform
@dandi_kantesh1 Thank you for your words.
I think it's the need of an hour for current generation. Great Work!!