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Anonymously discover career opportunities with AI

An AI career tool for techies who aren't looking for a job.

Anonymously discover career opportunities, know your worth, and meet amazing companies.

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Hey everyone! It's awesome to be featured on Product Hunt :) Workey is an AI career tool for techies who aren't looking for a Job but want a better career. During my own career, as a software engineer, I’d always ask myself - "Where do I see my career heading?” My fellow co-founders and I realized that people hate that question and decided to build Workey. Workey uses AI to compare your unique career history to millions of others to suggest highly personalized open career opportunities in real time. Workey helps you know where you stand by showcasing your fully anonymized profile to 500+ tech companies so you can discover how many companies are interested in you, without knowing your name. The whole Workey team and I are excited to hear your feedback and are available for any questions you may have. Happy hunting!
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Smart idea, and a great product! It helped a good friend...

I love Workey, I found my current job through the platform and the process was awesome.


There are tons of hot companies, and its completely anonymous.


Its mainly for me and my tech friends, not other professions

Thanks Nir!
Very interesting concept. not currently job hunting but interested to see what kinds of suggestions come up on this.
@theashtube thanks Ashley! Looking forward to see what suggestions you get.
@theashtube haha, the team is checking
@theashtube you hit a scenario where we decided to talk with you in miles (and not KM) but instead of showing the miles value, we’ve converted the km value (20km) to miles which is 12.42... haha. Fix is on the way. Thanks for catching this!