Glitty for iPhone

Wooden cases for iPhone 6/7. Crafted in Pittsburgh, USA.

Hello PH community! Around a year back, we launched Glitty on Product Hunt - Premium wooden covers for the MacBook. The community really loved it and it was around this time we decided that we should expand our range of products beyond MacBook covers! So after more than 8 months of hard work, we’ve managed to deliver a product we are super proud of - a super slim, stylish, top quality wooden cover for the iPhone (YES, 6 and 7 haha) We have a special discount for all of you - use the coupon code HUNT-15% during check-out to avail the 15% discount. I’m going to be here, so feel free to ask me any questions :-)!
Hey cool! I know @bensaks who makes all these cases for Glitty. His company makes great iPhone cases in way more species of wood.
@neilson hey Mike! Glad to see you on PH. Yes, we worked with @izemmour closely for more than 8 months to design, develop, and produce these cases for Glitty. They are made with sawdust and passion in Pittsburgh!
@bensaks @izemmour They look great! Well done!
Daaaaamn. Beautiful. Do you guys ship to India?
@rahulr047 Hey Rahul. Glad that you liked it! And yes, we ship worldwide :-)
These look slick, but $119!? Seems very expensive (but I don't know your economics).
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! Super excited to see you here! :-) The reason behind the pricing is because of the process that goes into making each one. All the products are handcrafted in Pittsburgh by experienced Craftsmen, and there are 120 steps required to achieve a product of such a high quality ( approximately 1 hour per product). While there are number of companies that are selling cheaper machine-made copy cats, we did not want to do that. It was super important for the team and I, that we produce a high-quality product. The interior is covered by a thin Ultrasuede layer which protects the iPhone from losing it’s shine as well. Taking these factors into account, we decided that the current price was about right considering the quality and aesthetics of our products.
They look great!
@maja_voje Thanks Maja :-)