Glitty covers for MacBooks

Premium wooden covers for MacBooks

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Robert van Hoesel
@robertvhoesel · Co-founder Crowded
I currently have this sticker, it looks really really awesome and sure makes your laptop stand out. Here are a few things to take in mind: 1) I ordered the sticker at an other webshop. This website/supplier isn't the only one selling them so make sure to browse the web for more. I bought mine here: http://bywoody.com/ for €80, send from the EU within 24 ho… See more
Jonathan Howard
@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Could go great with these walnut macbook pro key covers! So many options for these based on a matrix of which country you're in, what model laptop, and a variety of providers/pricepoints. Almost need a product to get the right wooden laptop cover for you :) See more
Daniel Kempe
@danielkempe · Co-Founder @ Quuu.co
Why is there never anything cool for us 17" inch MacBooks? Please don't forget about us... :-(
@ryanmcl136 · Content @ process.st
Absolutely love the covers!
Yulian Kuncheff
@daegalus · Sr. Devops Engineer, Playstation
This looks great, and I think you guys are fantastic for bringing something local to the US. I have purchased similar product on Etsy from a UK shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoverU... And they have fantastic covers. Maybe see if you can make a partnership and increase your portfolio or share technologies. Theirs comes on easy, can easily be taken off with… See more