Glitty covers for MacBooks

Premium wooden covers for MacBooks

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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2015



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Robert van Hoesel
Robert van HoeselPro@robertvhoesel · Co-founder Crowded
I currently have this sticker, it looks really really awesome and sure makes your laptop stand out. Here are a few things to take in mind: 1) I ordered the sticker at an other webshop. This website/supplier isn't the only one selling them so make sure to browse the web for more. I bought mine here: for €80, send from the EU within 24 hours. Exactly the same product. 2) No more startup stickers.... BUT: You can engrave anything you'd like on it to make it look supercool. Find a lasercutter in your neighbourhood (My favourite is in Amsterdam) and you'd be good to go for around €15-40. 3) Getting the sticker on your MacBook is a painfully hard task. The glue on it is really strong, so you need to have it in the right place at the first time otherwise you will break the sticker when you trie to move it. 4) This is the most accessible and stylish upgrade for your Macbook at this price-point.
Mehdi Izemmour
Mehdi IzemmourMaker@izemmour · Ex @Glitty
@robertvhoesel Hi Robert ! Thank you for your comment. It's always great to see what other companies makes. Please note that our products are not simply stickers. Our products are 100% handcrafted in the USA from real high quality wood. We select each piece of wood with a special attention to guarantee our customers an absolutely unique final product! The glue we use is also superior because it is especially designed to adhere to aluminum. I am at your disposal for any questions. :-)
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan Howard@staringispolite · Growth engineer & founder
Could go great with these walnut macbook pro key covers! So many options for these based on a matrix of which country you're in, what model laptop, and a variety of providers/pricepoints. Almost need a product to get the right wooden laptop cover for you :)
Mehdi Izemmour
Mehdi IzemmourMaker@izemmour · Ex @Glitty
@staringispolite Absolutely! The wood is similar and could perfectly mingle with our products. Thanks for sharing!
Daniel Kempe
Daniel KempePro@danielkempe · CEO @
Why is there never anything cool for us 17" inch MacBooks? Please don't forget about us... :-(
Mehdi Izemmour
Mehdi IzemmourMaker@izemmour · Ex @Glitty
@danielkempe You're right! I promise you that we are working hard on several different new product. Besides, if you would be promptly informed of our upcoming products, you can follow us on Instagram : @glitty_ :-)
Ryan@ryanmcl136 · Previously @TechStars & more!
Absolutely love the covers!
Yulian Kuncheff
Yulian Kuncheff@daegalus · Sr. Devops Engineer, Playstation
This looks great, and I think you guys are fantastic for bringing something local to the US. I have purchased similar product on Etsy from a UK shop: And they have fantastic covers. Maybe see if you can make a partnership and increase your portfolio or share technologies. Theirs comes on easy, can easily be taken off with no residue and is also real wood. Good luck!
Josh Crowder
Josh Crowder@joshcrowder · Founder,
@daegalus Cheers for the link, I just sent them a message for a custom designed one :)
Mehdi Izemmour
Mehdi IzemmourMaker@izemmour · Ex @Glitty
@daegalus Thank you for the idea!