Create & collect personal trading cards ✨

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Joshua AuerbachPartner, Betaworks Studio
Who knew that MySpace and LinkedIn had a baby? I didn't even know they were DATING!!!!!!!
Matt Hartman
partner @betaworks
I've been glittering for a little while now. Initially I was treating it like a business card, but it got more fun when I started to think of it as a lightweight website, kind of like the old myspace pages. Collect my card!
Tim AllisonProduct Design lead at Zendesk Guide
@matthartman interesting idea.
Christian Rocha
Co-founder, Charm
Hi, guys! I’m Christian, Glitter’s founder. So the original plan was to build karaoke as a service (KaaS, if you will) but that started getting way out of hand. Then we chose to just build something easy like Pokémon IRL…and somehow or another that became Glitter (and way more complicated than we expected). We have so much planned and would love your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to send anything and everything to Here’s a reenactment of the team building Glitter over the past few months. Not pictured is our Indiana contingent, Tim, who SLAYS iOS with Jordan (pictured) who also slays iOS.
Maya Prohovnik
Product & operations at Anchor
Hey all! Hope you're enjoying playing around with Glitter. Here's some ways I use my cards, if you need some inspiration. Sharing my contact info: Promoting my various silly websites: Keeping people posted on the next event for my meetup: Making fun of my friends: Let us know what you think. We can't wait to see how you guys will use it!
Maybe the best onboarding flow I've seen in any app.
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