Send encrypted glitch photos only your friends can unlock

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Thank you PH for giving us an avenue to share our work. I am co-founder of glitchi. glitchi was Inspired by the celebrity and snapchat 2014 hacks. We wanted to give people back their right to privacy. We provide a fun way to send secure encrypted messages by glitching the photo or text. Your friend is the only one able to decrypt and unglitch the message with their touch, on their iPhone. For a very special message, you can request TouchID. It is frictionless. Security is hidden behind the scenes, No Usernames, No passwords. Your iPhone with your phone number is your identity. We want to hear what you think and looking forward to your comments.
Hey, congrats to our fellow friends! It's a great product - hope it's really successful!
Thanks guys for all your support!
Love the simpleness plus security. Well done!