Glitch Embeds

Embed your live, running code anywhere on the web

It’s easy to embed a video, song or social media, but embedding a whole app has become nearly impossible, so we made Glitch Embeds. But they're not just any old embed, it's like embedding Glitch itself on your page: you can remix and edit the code for the app live within the embed. It's great for landing pages, blog posts and documentation.

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This Friday, Glitch comes out of beta! Before then though we’ll have a major announcement each day with features that’ll change the way we all build the web together. Glitch Embeds is up first - it allows you to embed your app, and the code that powers your app anywhere. People can then remix and edit the code directly in the embed. It's a great way to demo a new tech platform or API, on your blog or in your documentation.
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This is so cool! I've been wondering about the possibility of embedding a Glitch project, but I didn't know you folks were already building something for this. Stoked for this + the other announcements coming from Glitch this week! ✨🎏 🔥
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@barnabybones Thanks Jeremy! I hope you find them useful. We've got some great stuff planned :D
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