Glitch Cam

Create glitch-effects on your photos and videos from Glitché

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 27, 2017

  • Olena Pereiaslavets
    Olena PereiaslavetsResearcher in Cleveroad

    Delighted with this application, the photos along with these filters are very original


    Has few free interesting filters

    I would like to have added more cool free filters

    Olena Pereiaslavets has used this product for one month.
  • Marcelo Ventura
    Marcelo VenturaEconomist and Data Scientist

    Stunning/funny/outstanding effects

    Many filters for free


    Many paid filters

    It's simply the funniest and the best camera app that I've ever used.

    Ps: almost bought dope effects within two minutes using the app.

    Marcelo Ventura has used this product for one day.
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Abhilash Jain
Abhilash Jain@findabhilash · Product Marketing / Growth
Looks neat, please launch on android as well :)
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
Reminds me of HYPERSPEKTIV from @boreta
Vladimir Shreyder
Vladimir ShreyderMaker@vovashreyder
@bentossell Glitch Cam is a live-section from Glitché How can I add it too the related products here?
Max Sobkowski
Max Sobkowski@sbkwsk · Former Creative Director at Surf
@bentossell @boreta no surprise cause Hyperspectiv is highly inspired by Glitché itself :)
sergey poydo
sergey poydo@poydos · Stampsy
Congrats @vovashreyder! I've been using Glitch for a while now and I'm super excited to use the new Glitch Cam.
Artur Arseniev
Artur Arseniev@artur_arseniev · Creator of GrapesJS, Building Grapedrop
Big 👍 for the emoji glitch 🤑
Anton Derlyatka
Anton Derlyatka@ant_ooon · Co-founder, Sweatcoin
The GlitchE family is truly amazing, Vova you rock!