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Awesome to see Glimpse on Product Hunt, because I really appreciate the (warm/inclusive/productive) community Ryan & Erik have been building. i'd would love to field questions about the app! Our newest feature is hashtags in bios - which makes it easy to connect with folks who have similar interests. I'm adding #PH to my bio now for Product Hunt. Other folks from the Glimpse team (Pax Dickinson, Kelly Hoey, Pocket) may jump into this thread as well!
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Maybe we can get @elissabeth in here. [also, add me: tori]
We're building group messaging! We'll be able to support groups with 250 members. :) It should be really interesting to see what happens when you move an email list or meetup group to a more visual medium (Glimpse is photos and videos with text and drawings on top.) This will also differentiate us from Snapchat a LOT more, by making Glimpse more about connecting with people in your social network or who share your interests (rather than messaging your close friends.)
@elissabeth I just want to clarify. This is Snapchateqe product that allows you to include a wider network and/or strangers?
@johnnyquachy Yes, pretty much :) We are also encrypted and delete messages from our servers immediately after they are viewed, which is a meaningful differentiator for those of us who are privacy or security conscious. We have some minor camera features that mean a great deal to our core users - "upload from photo" on Glimpse is the only way I can send a photo of a bunny eating carrots to all my friends at once, ephemerally, without actually having the bunny and carrots in front of me.
The number of apps named Glimpse is getting close to the number named Canary
@zackshapiro it's a good name, but yeah, might be best to whittle that number down a bit!
I'm a Glimpse user, I mostly send silly faces to my high school best friend halfway across the country... but I hear that there are some big plans in the works for Glimpse. Could you tell us a little bit about your future plans for the app?