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Hey Everyone, We spent the last couple of months redesigning the product from the ground-up, building on insights from our initial beta. Glimpse uses Instagram to introduce you people who experience the world like you. All the magic happens on the backend, where we comb your Instagram metadata (i.e. Geolocation, hashtags, etc.) and connect you to like-minded folks with similar interests. We're building the experience graph, powered by your photo history. Example: If you both shared a photo at Burning Man, we introduce you, with the context to start a natural conversation. Here to answer any questions or chat about feedback!
@elan_miller Are messages to people expressly to those that are using Glimpse? Also, I noticed that while I was using Glimpse my phone heated up quite a lot (iPhone 5s) and battery drain went from 100% to 93% in less than 10 minutes. Might want to look into that.
@mg Hey Matt - yep, messages only to go users on Glimpse. Appreciate the heads up on battery drain! We haven't heard that yet, but will definitely look into it :) Appreciate the feedback!
This app is awesome.
@allisonveronica have you chatted or met anyone through Glimpse? How does it compare to other dating apps? I played with it early on when it was in beta, before they had many users. I need to visit Glimpse again.
@rrhoover I've been beta testing it. Personally, I'm not dating so I don't use it as much... but it's awesome even for making friends. The latest release shows places you've both been as a means for introducing two people. It's really a different way to connect people.
@elan_miller congrats on the fundraise. Glimpse seems to be less specifically focused on dating in its messaging. For me, it would seem weird to message a guy without very clear context and I also don't personally have a particularly strong desire to meet new friends -- at least not through an app online. Are you seeing many people use Glimpse for non-dating use cases? P.S. Ironically we put up a collection of Dating Apps today.
@rrhoover - thanks, and great observation! dating is definitely still the main use case, but we saw a ton of photographers using glimpse to connect in v1. now that we are introducing people through metadata including geolocation and hashtags, there’s more context to meet like-minded people. at the end of the day, we’re all about bringing people together around what they care about, no matter the use case.
I kind of like that the messaging is not pushing the dating angle. I remember when I downloaded Glimpse 1.0 I kept seeing friends and friends of friends (who like me, were not looking) but were on there to check it out and I enjoyed looking at their Instagram pictures. I wanted to interact with them but also was worried they might get the wrong idea. I've also heard a lot of stories about Instagram friendships but have never made a friend through IG myself so I'm curious to see if this would help facilitate that. Also the new branding and design looks great - definitely a marked improvement and there's a lot of cool interactions (which is admittedly the reason I check out apps like these in the first place).
@sabrina Thanks Sabrina - that was definitely the intent! Our goal is to get people talking (not just liking!) around what they care about, no matter the use case. If you have any feedback along the way, don't be shy :)
@elan_miller playing around with it a little bit more and while I'm getting stuck/it's taking awhile to load local people, I just want to say thank you for having a 'report' button in a very noticeable and accessible place on the messaging view. I don't use many other dating apps so I don't know if this is common now, but it's kind of a relief to see since most other social networks bury this functionality.
@sabrina of course! that's something we take super seriously. it crazy that more social apps don't... feel you on slow-ish load times. we're working hard on that. you should see a big improvement in the next couple of updates :)
I first found out about this app via a cute girl who isnt into tech AKA this app is going to be huge!
@msg thanks for the support dude!