A dating app built on Instagram

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Welcome, @elan_miller! As you know, I've been following Glimpse since before its launch. I'm very interested in how products can use existing content (in your case, IG photos) to build something compelling. I particularly like the on-boarding flow where new users reminisce through photos they've taken (see @wp also wrote an insightful, relevant piece on Vessels for Personality here: Elan- you have a traditional chicken-and-egg challenge with Glimpse. How are you approaching that problem?
Hey Gang - my name is Elan, one of the co-founders of Glimpse. Let me know if you'd like an invite code or have any questions - I'd love to hear about your experience with the app :)
To date, it's been a combination of a little things, that probably won't scale. We have some cool stuff in the pipeline to help accelerate efforts. For example, we're getting set to launch a #instacrush marketing campaign where users can invite their "secret instagram crush" to glimpse, so they can discover who they are. We're teaming up with a few design-oriented pop-up shops to really bring this idea to life offline. We're also invite-only right now to make sure the ratio stays in check :)
@elan_miller haha, yeah. I know about the ratio problem (I live in SF and work in tech). How are you measuring success of the product and features you build? Do you have a "single metric" you're optimizing for?
@rrhoover Yep! Ultimately, we're looking at message reply rates. We’ll measure success by how many people we get talking, rather than just liking :)