Glif it

Post, scan and share AR content on top of the world ✨🎨

Glif it is a mobile app that allows user to post their own content through AR on any scannable objects: books, posters, street banner ads, post cards (as long as it has details) etc. The goal of the app is to let users tag their world and discover relevant messages if an object has already been "gliffed", simply by pointing their smartphone.

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Hey Product Hunt ! We're happy to present to you Glif it, an augmented reality app we have been developing with Matthew. With ARKit and ARCore, augmented reality apps are already blossoming, but for now there is no clear solution combining these SDK with more traditionnal image recognition / matching process, which means you can't leave "perennial" augmented reality content on a book cover for example. This is what we have tried to do, keeping in mind our goal to make the interaction with augmented reality as smooth as possible. Have fun trying it guys, and go glif around you, in the streets, at the museum, your books, your posters ! Any feedback is more than welcomed !
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Great idea and product. Heads up, please don't change the tab title when the tab loses focus. Distracting and bad experience for the user.
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@dinuka_jayasuriya thanks! We've just removed the effect.
I can't believe you change the website title when the tab gets blurred. I hope you burn in hell.
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@timmyrsde Hi ! Thanks for the feedback: we found this effect on ProductHunt actually and thought it would be cool to add it, have a look : by @kaloyanyankulov Anyway, we removed it now because it was a bit distractive. We wished we had more feedback on our app rather than on our website. Feel free to download it. PS: I hope that we won't burn in hell, or at least not before Glif it becomes famous!
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Wow, did Tame Impala license their song for your marketing video?
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