GLIDR Team Edition

Product Management Software, Reinvented

GLIDR is a new approach to product management software that puts feedback, discovery and validation at the center.

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👋 Hi Product Hunters! I'm the VP of Product at GLIDR. We're the company that brought you LaunchPad Central. We're super excited to go live with GLIDR Team, which is built specifically for product teams and entrepreneurs. GLIDR is lean startup-style experimentation-centric product validation software. It's meant to help you: 1) build a shared understanding of customer needs, 2) prioritize what to build, and 3) calibrate your go-to-market strategy. For the first time ever, we're opening up a free two-week trial. There's no credit card required to get started 🙌. Just your email. Also, we've got a special discount for the Product Hunt community: 20% off your first three months for each member of your team. Just use code "producthunt" on our billing page at any point during your free trial. Cheers, Jonathan
Hi everyone! So excited about our launch today 💪🏽 I've only been at GLIDR for about 7 months but it's been exciting to see the new product come together and get to know this amazing team. As someone who's been immersed in startups for the past 6 years, it's been very rewarding to work on a product made for founders and innovators. I work as a UX Engineer here, so would love to hear any positive or negative feedback you have about the UX or functioning of the app.
Love the idea, congrats on the launch
Just started a trial and you have made it so simple. Thx for keeping things simple. Reach out if you need any testing / research done. I am planning to use the tool during my holidays in a few weeks in India.
@leanux_bala Thanks Bala! We have people like @shriyanevatia to thank for that.
Looks nice so far. Will definitely test it!
@marcel_heinz1 Let us know what you think Marcel!
@jfalk would be nice if you could chose between „traditional“ canvas and lean canvas. I like the idea of problem/solution more (lean canvas). Could be interesting to switch back later in the process. But for startups at a very early stage it could be nice to start from that level and find a „guided“ product-market fit. If you could provide this, I would definitely use the paid version👍
@marcel_heinz1 You can! For canvas customization instructions, check out our help article:
@jfalk really cool! Thanks