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I love that you can quickly and easily identify what matters most to you and then find places to shop that support your values. And kudos for to the team for being representative of ALL points of view. There are values that span both sides of the political isle and all ranges of ideological beliefs. @gliabk tell us your story. Would love to hear what inspired you.
Thanks @corleyh! You nailed it! One of the hardest parts was thinking thru how to onboard people in a way that was fun but informative. The idea for @glia_is came when I was trying to find a place to go out for dinner one night and realized that I didn't know anything about the people that owned the businesses and where they'd be spending the profits from my meal. Quickly, you realize how little you know about all these businesses. So, I got a great team together to tackle this. I love the idea of encouraging people to go to places that extend their hard earned dollars and it was important to us that we be apolitical and withhold any kind of judgement. Let the people speak!
@corleyh @glia_is @gliabk We focused our energy on making a really clean simple experience so that the complexity of stating your values seemed a little less complex. Would love to get some feedback on the UX and the scoring like only the PH community can. Always welcome comments.
Neat idea. Wish I got more context as to why a business scored a certain way. For example, why does Radio Shack show "Civil Rights" and "Foreign Policy?" Not saying they are wrong, just looking for proof points. Separate note: I wish there were something like this for financial products to invest in.
@carlobff Thanks Carlo! The Glia Score, how to convey it and what proof points to show are definitely something we talk about A LOT. We're experimenting with some different ideas for how to package all the data we generate on companies, while keeping it from being overwhelming.
@carlobff @gliabk Those categories tell you what values were contemplated in your score. If your score is good (blue) then you both support the same thing. If poor (red) then you are in opposition. If somewhere in between, then it's a mixed bag and the score is determined based on where the value falls in your prioritization. We eventually plan to make the individual score by value category available. I am sure that will make it easier to digest. thanks.
Hey Hunters! We're coming to the end of the day and would love any additional feedback you may have. We want to make @glia_is awesome! Any thoughts @rrhoover?
Thought you might like to see the video that tells a bit more about Glia and how it works. Thanks! Check it out in the related links.