Personalized learning for educational video lessons

You're right. It's not that there isn't good content out there. Finding it is the challenge. @byosko recently wrote about the "Curation of the Web" ( and Product Hunt is also in that category. @artia - How did you bring together a team? Building and marketing a product is hard but finding the right team to do it with is arguably even harder.
Hey all .. my co-founder Levi and I are happy to answer your questions. We'd also love to hear you feedback on our product! We launched Glean yesterday and are looking to disrupt the classroom. We power 1-to-1 learning by matching a student with a teacher based on things like learning style and abilities
Yo, @artia! Welcome aboard. When we first met (maybe 4 months ago), you were telling me about Glean. It's great to see it LIVE. Congrats. The education space is particularly challenging and (from my perspective) more competitive than ever. Why did you choose to move away from your previous role in VC to build Glean?
Great question @rrhoover -- at a certain point in VC you meet so many entrepreneurs building amazing things that their enthusiasm becomes infectious. You feel like you're missing out. I also launched a website called SchoolRack a few years prior and missed the creative process of building. It's really satisfying seeing a vision come to fruition, which I'm sure you can agree with
No doubt! I just buffered your quote about infectious enthusiasm. :) @artia - How has Glean evolved since the first version? Were you always planning to run with video-based education?