Collect money from friends to pay for things together

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Fun to see a New Zealand startup on here! Nice work all!
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This is beautifully designed and the Venmo integration is a nice touch.
But I'm honestly skeptical that splitting bills with friends, is a big enough pain point for most people to dedicated app just for this, let alone frequently. Many have attempted to disrupt (everyone, drink!) email and while email isn't perfect, it's good enough for most and encumbered with established habits. The same is true for splitting bills and collecting money between friends, imho. That said, I haven't thought about this as deeply as @georgedotsmith and @javacuate. Curious to hear their thoughts.
@georgedotsmith @javacuate @rrhoover I think it is a pain point...but with how popular Venmo is I think many people would just request money from everyone who was there. But I am sure as this socially grows, and with its Venmo integration, could find its way onto many people's phones. I believe an app called "Tilt" is also attempting to solve this - Good luck and keep it up!
@javacuate @rrhoover Hey Ryan – cheers for the feedback on our design! Yeah, going out with mates is all about the experience and in our minds, settling the bill is the worst part of it. So we want to make it both fun and really easy. We also think it’s a nice entry point for helping a range of other groups. Take you and your roommates for instance. Every apartment has that one person who has to manage the finances and we’re going to make it really easy for them.
@javacuate @rrhoover @sumeetj Hey Sumeet. Yeah we think Venmo is great which is why we used it to power the payments. We’ve set out to build something on top that’s dedicated to groups and that makes it really fun and easy for them to use.
@georgedotsmith @javacuate @rrhoover @sumeetj I use Venmo for this every week. I've tried to do the same with Google Wallet, but most people have no idea what it is.
Helps you collect money from your friends so you can pay for things together. It works in seconds and only requires one person to have the app installed.
YES! Love it! One restaurant fund coming up!
App is already useful and solves a pain point, but credit card roulette feature is genius. @georgedotsmith do you guys plan to build more fun/social experiences around the payments and collection of money in the future?
@jhubball Cheers mate! Yes, we have heaps planned but if you have any good ideas send them through. We want to make this as awesome as possible.