The easiest way to shop clothes on sale

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@bentossell Story behind it: Shopping on sale used to take me hours going from one site to another opening the sale sections of each website. As for mobile shopping in general all the major retailers for some reason took their eCommerce experience into mobile, without recreating it, the products seemed to be so small, the screen was cluttered and hard to navigate through. Therefore we have quickly built and launched Glanse (Even though we were working on another product at the time). The idea behind swiping was implemented with the goal of crowd curating content and easily getting data points from swipes to have better taste graphs in order to improve content recommendation.
@evelynzoubi tell us the story here :)
This looks great! Where are you sourcing your data from? How are you determining that an item is on sale?
@weheartscott We get data through APIs. You can set your own criteria on what content to get
Tinder meets fashion haha! I love the UI. I've already found a few items I would consider purchasing πŸ˜„ It would be nice though if you could zoom in to get a closer look and filtering on shoes or bags always pops up a "check out trending items" dialog snd takes me to a different screen.