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The idea is really cool, but the design needs work. I wouldn't hang that on my wall.
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@gabriel__lewis I believe the design has ben reworked, please check out at http://glanceclock.com
@russianpilgrim 😍It's beautiful
This looks pretty dope!! I would love to look at the API. 😻
@boherna @dredurr Guys, check it out here: http://docs.glanceclock.com Sorry, if you'll find typos and grammar mistakes. It's the first version.
Physical pomodoro clock, dig it.
I can see this being a home run if it is truly glance-able, especially with task management. Imagine the app "30/30" on this clock! So much potential in a life dominated by the distractions on your phone.
@benwilsondesign But seriously, I like the idea, however it seems like there is a lot of information going on for something that isn't going to be interacted with a lot. Does it just scroll through the info, or is it contextualised by something?
@benwilsondesign Good question. I would assume contextual. I see it more as a reminder tool.. easy to see with a glance how long you have until your next call, meeting etc. Or to remind you that you should spend the next hour on a given project. As someone who works a majority of my time from a home office, I find myself glancing at my wall clock regularly, but to have any context I'm tabbing to my Google Calendar view... love seeing the two together.
@dflanegan @benwilsondesign Dan, you are right! It's content based and event based. Glance Clock is integrated with @AmazonAlexa so you can talk to it and see the response on Glance Clock