Gizzo Grill

A Portable Grill That Folds Up To The Size Of A Laptop

You're probably accustomed to hauling around grills that are cumbersome and oddly designed. Gizzo is completely different because it folds up into a laptop shape. Simply discard the coals into the proper receptacle, and fold the grill up. It might be mistaken for a laptop if you set it aside. This grill can be used in almost any outdoor location.

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Thanks for sharing @davis_paipa 🙌 When do these start shipping?
@amrith Hi, we are now producing first 3000 units for this year. The first shipment will happen around April End, or Start of May.
Great idea! Nice to take along with you to festivals in the summer 😀
I would expect the inside of that case to become pretty dirty with ashes, so, I would pack a couple of work gloves with it to set it up. Can we get a video of the assembling and disassembling?
@pupeno Hi, thanks for the feedback. We didn't yet announce cleaning process of the grill, and how to use it because of patent work. There won't be any ash after grilling process and cool down time is 5-10 min. I will send you video at the start of April when all Patent papers will be finished.
@davis_paipa oh... now I am intrigued.
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