Translate any website into gangsta slang

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Gizoogle is a classic. We should integrate this into Product Hunt. Gangster taglines are more entertaining.
This is often better than the original copy: a) PH: Product Hunt be a cold-ass lil curation of tha dopest freshly smoked up shizzle b) TC: Just a reminder dat we’ll be holdin tha straight-up original gangsta summer TC Pitch Off up in Warsaw c) NYT: Breakin Hype, Ghetto Shit & Multimedia.. Could be also used for some Beta products to spice up the copy ;-)
Reminds me of "The Black and White Minstrel Show" 😶
This was stupid in 2002 and it's stupid now.
I came across this site via a link in a blog comments. Does some amusing translations of some webpages.