Remotely control & manage your Android devices in the cloud

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Any plans or possibilities for the same but with old iphones?
@nikki354 Most definitely. We plan to launch an iOS version as well and I can let you know once we are close to completing that.
Hi All, We just launched the Gizmote app on the Playstore yesterday. Gizmote Inc was created by a team of engineers with a diverse set of experience from Telecom to mobile security and general IT. We noticed a gap in the market whereby the hardware capabilities of our smartphones were grossly underutilized for tasks outside the realm of day-to-day device usage. Existing solutions solved specific problems but they also had product gaps in terms of security and simplicity. Hence, we set out with a single goal of allowing smartphone users with the ability to harness their devices capabilities to perform critical tasks for their homes and businesses. So, what can you do with this app? Here are a few use cases: 1. Do you feel existing home monitoring solutions are too expensive or do not serve the purpose? If yes and you have spare Android devices (old or new), download the app on these devices, place them at strategic locations in your home/business and turn on video monitoring. The app will capture movements and variations in sound amplitude. You can share all the devices in your home/business with a one or more "control" device(s) and remotely manage your home monitoring solution i.e change settings, enable/disable one/more of the devices and share events captured with family and/or enforcement authorities. 2. Are you hesitant in buying expensive baby video monitors? Well, the Gizmote app can solve this problem for you as well. Setup your Android device in your baby's room and turn on baby monitoring with the desired motion/noise sensitivity levels. The app will immediately capture any movements or change in noise level and upload it to the cloud. You can securely access and share the content as you desire. Never miss out on precious "first" moments of your child....the first time the baby rolls in the crib, the first yawn etc. 3. Do you own a fleet management company and would like to track and ensure your vehicles are within a specified boundary? Or do you just want to know where your car is at all times? Gizmote to your rescue again. Setup a location tracker or a Geo fencer on an Android device, define a boundary and place the device in your vehicle. Share the device with a "control" device that you will carry. The location of the vehicle will be constantly monitored and whenever it cross the boundary you will be notified. 4. Want to capture natures precious moments such as birds flying, an endangered species etc. Now you don't have to wait with a camera for hours to capture such moments. Just enable nature cam on your Gizmote app, place it at a strategic location and share the device with a "control" device that you will carry. The app will capture your desired moments and send you a notification when such moments occur. You can share these with your friends and family via various communication and social media apps on your device. 5. You have video security monitoring setup for your cottage but due to power fluctuations you are uncertain how effective your Gizmote cottage security system will be. Well, Gizmote has an answer for that as well. Besides video/audio monitoring, you can also add a power monitor. While your home monitoring android devices are connected to a power supply, in the event of power cut you will be notified on your control device that the device is on battery power. When power is restored you will be notified again that the power is back on. The above are just some of the use cases and there is a lot more you can do with the GIzmote app. Feel free to check us out at:
We hope those who have downloaded the app are finding it useful. We figured it would still be good to describe key functions of the app. Help menu is available via web and in-app: How to setup a video monitor: How to share and control devices: How to setup a baby monitor: How to access and share data: How to enable Geo fencer: How to delete all data:
We have put up a simple video showing how to setup and remotely control a baby monitor via the Gizmote app. Feel free to check it out at: