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@rustinrassoli Hi Rustin! My name is Malte Kramer, I'm one of the founders of Givvr. Your skepticism is understandable, especially if you've had a bad experience with Evan whose company helped build our app. However, the doubt you seed here is directed at the wrong people. If you research our sponsors and our non-profit partners you will find that they're all legitimate. Every dollar you see being donated on Givvr, actually goes to the non-profit it's meant for. We currently have over $60,000 in sponsor money funding the videos on our platform. I know it's hard not to be cynical given the number of scams and frauds out there, but this isn't one. I'm sure as a founder you can appreciate the effort and passion that goes into starting a business. My team and I have worked really hard for over a year to make Givvr possible. I urge you to do the research on myself (, my company (, and our official non-profit partners, all of which are well-established organizations.
@rustinrassoli Are you calling the App a fraud or someone who worked on the App? Do you have any proof behind what you're saying or are you just trying to slander someone you don't like?
@rustinrassoli I understand. You could start by just explaining what happened.