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Whenever I'm, e.g., painting houses for charity, I first think "Wow I'm really bad at painting" and then next "I feel like I could provide a lot more value if I could write code for these guys instead". I wouldn't say it's doing what I love, but it's doing what I'm good at, and I would feel great contributing that. Giving Privilege allows you to take on gigs -- just from people, not from businesses -- and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.
@maiab Thanks! Exactly why we built Giving Privilege! We are fundamentally changing how people volunteer. Giving Privilege is a platform where one can provide their time and skills to others and donate the proceeds to a cause. We call it Fundearning™, one is earning funds for his cause. Some examples from the platform: Teenagers are walking dogs, executives are providing consulting services and talented professionals their respective skills. The beneficiary can be a nonprofit or a school. The provider gets to decide where the funds go.
I started a campaign on Giving Privilege recently to raise funds for Peninsula Bridge, a non-profit that supports low-income, high-potential middle school students in the SF Bay Area. My goal is to sponsor a student to attend 5 weeks of their tuition-free summer school. My gig? I'll review your LinkedIn profile and give you feedback to best show off your expertise and skills, in exchange for a $100 donation to my cause. LOVE this platform! Thank you Sthir and the rest of the team at Giving Privilege.
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Anuj Adhiya, Thanks! We also fall under school collection as well. Parents are earning funds for their child's school. Teenagers are volunteering hours and Fundearning as part of their community service requirement.