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My friends from Vancouver launched the GiveRefuge project, making it easier for people like myself to help Refugees around your community. If you are unsure how you can help but know that you want to help, GiveRefuge is a good place to start. Props to Arvinder and his team for bringing this initiative to life.
I'm one of the people behind In response to the Syrian refugee crisis, we found on social media that many individuals wished to do something to assist refugees but didn’t know where to begin. So we built to take a bit of the mystery out of the equation by connecting people directly with refugee non-profits in their area. Please feel free to ask me anything.
I think this is awesome- I've been looking for something like this over the last few weeks, how are you working to connect refugees with people that would like to donate time or skills on the website?
@cfischett Currently we are vetting the donors and matching them to non-profits based on their needs. We are collecting the donor information using a form at One or more non-profits get an email if a donor in their area signs up. There is also a script which runs every hour, mapping new donors and signups on the Google map, which makes the donors and their donation directly visible to non-profits and vice-versa.