TOMS Shoes for water bottles

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Hey everyone, I am the founder here at GiveMeTap. I have background in maths and computer science, and was a Quantitative Analyst before leaving that all to start a company all about water. I got into this in a unexpected way. Like most 24 year old guys, the dream having a six-pack (not of beer, but Abs) led me on an epic fitness journey, which had me drinking 5 litres of water every day. Back then I was a university (cash-strapped) PhD student, so spending money on bottled water didn't make sense! But when I wanted to just get a glass of water from a shop I was often told to buy something first or made to feel awkward - like I was a cheap skate. This really got to me because we have some of the best water in the world, yet are often encouraged to consume it out of plastic bottles. This did not sit right with me, especially since my Dad had grown up without easy access to clean water. I decided to then to create GiveMeTap. To help you gain easy access to water on demand, and then provide safe clean drinking water to some of the 748 million people currently without. We are the TOMS Shoes of water bottles. When you buy one GiveMeTap bottle, we can provide a person in Africa with clean drinking water for 5 years. What's more, with your bottle purchase you can get free water refills from an exclusive network of over 800 shops. To date we've helped over 7000 people in communities in Africa gain access to clean drinking water for life. Please ask questions and share any feedback that you have about what we're doing. Stay hydrated hunters!
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@ebronimensah Edwin, are you familiar with Waves4Water? Might be an organization you want to connect with down the road..
@andythegiant thanks for sending me that through as I had not heard of them before. Looks like they are doing great work. Have you connected with them before?
Love this concept and product! We are proud to be investors.
@justinkan Thanks!! You've been so much help in us growing so quickly in USA. Great to be changing the world with your support. Check out the TC article too
Definitely a good idea, in fact the first company I ever started was Pangea Bottles (now shut down) that ended up giving clean water to thousands of people in need. Good luck Edwin, I wish you the best! Let me know if you want any introductions to Living Water International ( or Charity Water.
@kevinleehenry great that you like what we're doing! It would be great to connect to see if you have any lessons from when you did Pangea Bottles (just checked it out)? I'd love an intro to both those orgs please. Really appreciate the support!
Love the idea!
@mojolenski Hey Morgan, this is Sanum, the Chatterbox at GiveMeTap. THANKS SO MUCH for supporting us. Hope we can hydrate the world together :) xx
That's music to my ears. Any feedback you have for us on how to make it even better?