Beautifully simple donations for your site

GiveForm is a high converting, beautifully simple donation form for any device. It works within your website — customers can donate instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction.

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This looks incredible! The pricing is fair too. Definitely trying this out.
@imakestrides almost 6% when you take into account the Stripe fees doesn't sound very competitive here.
@imakestrides Pricing is out of whack @ 2%, 3% is next level greedy
@timshnaider pricing appears to be competitive for the non-profit form building/donating category. By far the best designed option I have seen.
@markiyanm @timshnaider I don't have much experience in the donation/charity space (I'm used to 30% fees on the App Store) so 5-6% sounded awesome to me at first glance. :) I guess this is closer to something like Patreon, and they charge 5%, but I'd love to here if there's a better option to try out!
@markiyanm @imakestrides Core grumble from me is % charging for transactions that cost the same to process regardless of value is generally obscene, a financial industry wide rort, not specific to this app. So not fair for me to single out GiveForms. I also feel the same about real estate fees :) Can't do much about the CC/banking industry, but with increasing number of commoditised platforms providing a simple wrapper around another platform, receiving $30 for facilitating a $1000 donation that costs the same (cents if amortised over app build and maintenance and ongoing dev of the app + support) to process as a $10 transaction that you'd receive 30c @ 3% I've now decided is unfair and we will see competition driving that cost down. 7 years as a payments/subscription consultant and product maker/entrepreneur, I am looking at this from all angles. GiveForms has a great UI and UX, a nicely designed focused solution on one thing. Plenty of other platforms are cheaper, check out the Fundraising page on Stripe Apps marketplace.
What a beautiful and elegant product. Question for the maker - can non-profits add common form additions like tributes, company matching, etc.?
@marketplicity Thanks for your comment Chris! We have a slew of upcoming features, one of them is tributes (memorial and honorary gifts). We don't plan to do company matching at this point, but may consider it down the road.
A very sexy product. I would definitly use it if I could change the language!
Nice @dreamtenphil - IMHO you should change your connection to your demo to be on the test account so people can see the entire workflow with a demo card ✌️
Hello Product Hunters! Over the past decade, my design agency has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations who all needed a high converting, simple, and beautiful giving form to help raise money. We evaluated products in the market but they were flawed. Either the design of the forms had a poor experience or the products were unsustainably expensive. Building a custom solution was often the best route, but this took time and required significant upfront investment. To fill this void, I decided to create GiveForms—a beautiful, simple, and affordable donation form that anyone can setup in just a few minutes. We’ve taken our decade of experience building frictionless, high converting forms, and built these practices into the experience. Now any non-profit can have a beautiful online giving experience that helps your cause. All you need is a Stripe account to get started.