Shopify meets Salesforce for nonprofits

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Ryerson University is currently doing a campus-wide, faculty vs faculty campaign for orphan sponsorship with GE and it's been AMAZING! We've raised over $17,000 in 2 weeks, and a lot of it has to do with how multi-dimensional this platform is. Everyone at Ryerson loves how user friendly the website is and I always receive support within hours of contacting their team. Amazing platform, I definitely recommend it! Check out the campaign!
Kevin Shin
Kevin ShinMaker@kevin_shinobi · Cofounder, Giveffect
@ridwannach Congrats with the fundraising success on GE! Your community is still going strong! This is a great example of how individuals can mobilize themselves towards a great cause without the involvement of the organization. They just need the right tools to do it, in a way that allows them to customize their campaign.
Guy Gal
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Big fan of the product and the team.
Anisa Mirza
Anisa MirzaMaker@theanisamirza · CEO/Cofounder of Giveffect Inc.
@guygal thanks dude
Charles Forman
Charles Forman@charlesforman · Creative dude, Setpixel
"Shopify meets Salesforce for nonprofits" heh. wut.
Robby Perdue
Robby Perdue@rperdue · Looking for a PM job - hire me!
Curious how this stacks up to incumbents like Classy ( ... assuming "Shopify meets Salesforce" means fundraising and constituent management.
Anisa Mirza
Anisa MirzaMaker@theanisamirza · CEO/Cofounder of Giveffect Inc.
@rperdue hey Robby. ge is actually an in-house CRM and full donor management system (Classy requires you have your own CRM). Our integrated system means lower cost to nonprofits, less time spent on admin and more funds raised.
Scot Chisholm
Scot Chisholm@scotchisholm · CEO @Classy
@rperdue Hey Robby, I can only really speak to @Classy, but we are definitely more campaign / event oriented and then we compliment that with a best-in-class Salesforce integration. At the same time, we have light-weight CRM features built in, and our smaller organizations will use us for fundraising + CRM until they are ready to get a full fledged CRM system for donor management (in which case we typically recommend Salesforce) -- however, if GiveEffect is complimentary to @Classy, we should check it out as well!.
Guy Gal
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Ya it's all-in-one volunteer, donor, fundraising management... so CRM + CMS specifically designed for non profits. Similar to Classy, but Classy is more campaign-driven and GE is more day-to-day operations.
Allan Shin
Allan ShinMaker@allnshn · Cofounder & CPO, Giveffect
@guygal Yes indeed. In addition, GE white-labels their fundraising platform/pages into the nonprofit's own website... then GE's own marketplace showcases campaigns that they wish to share w/ the community.