A nonprofit that distributes crypto to people in need

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Our mission is to financially empower people by distributing cryptocurrency globally.

Sam Rosenblum
Paul Njoroge
Martin Naithani
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  • Mark M. Whelan
    Mark M. WhelanFounder, Fellow and Executive Coach

    potential social impact


    No transparency, impact metrics, or a clear way to determine its social entrepreneurial integrity

    No transparency, impact metrics, or a clear way to determine its social entrepreneurial integrity ( transaction fees hiking etc).

    These projects, unless they have a high level of transparency, often, only serve as business development or marketing.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
From @brian_armstrong's blog post: "Today, about 40 million people in the world own cryptocurrency. This is a good start, but the number of people around the globe who are wealthy enough to invest disposable income into risky, new technologies is limited. For cryptocurrency to reach its potential of creating a more open financial system and helping those locked out of traditional financial services, we need to create new use cases and broaden access." Awesome initiative. Is this affiliated with Coinbase or a separate project, @brian_armstrong / @rosical?
Subodh Bahl
Subodh Bahl@subodhbahl · Management Consulting, Deloitte Digital
@rrhoover This is awesome, the social reach and empowerment is going to be world changing! Great work @brian_armstrong.
Armin Nehzat
Armin Nehzat@armin_nehzat · Peertal
I don't understand how holding onto crypto could create any value for society. The real value of crypto is in making it a utility that's accessible to people around the world. To have real charitable impact, we need to make crypto accessible to markets that have growing poverty numbers. This is why we've been focused so heavily launching Peertal in markets with hyper inflation
I have been accepting bitcoin with my marijuana dispencary here in Canada since 2014, how could we work together to give all the proffit to this cause? Contact me plz.
Aleksey Korzun
Aleksey Korzun@alekseykorzun · Managing Partner at REGRUPPE
I rather give cash or use a card. This is nothing more than a gimmick.
matt lopez
matt lopez@mattvlopez
Really like this project! Such a good use case for Crypto, banking the unbanked world.