Give Me Fuel

Asynchronous card-combat in minutes! (iOS)

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Hi, I'm one of the founders, and I'd love to get any feedback on this game, or answer any questions. As the technical founder, one of the interesting challenges was building a mobile app where we could iterate and react to user feedback as fast as you can on web services. So we built an infrastructure that allows for rapid iteration without the turnaround time of the iOS App Store. We expect to ship improvements daily, so your experience will change every day you log on. Another technical challenge was building out an animation framework that was extensible, could be customized to the in-game scenarios, and can be customized for each player, without a huge overhead in creating new iOS client builds and/or large asset packages. We came up with a way to minimize the technical footprint, and I'd be happy to discuss that with any developers here too! Aside from the technical babble, this game was built for people who love strategic games, but don't want to lose a match if they have to put the game away to answer a phone call, get on the bus, or check email. You can play your friends, strangers, or against a bot, and you can take a 10 second turn and put it away until you are ready again. You can take your time to strategize and make the best decision, and not worry that you are on a rumbling subway where a finger swipe can cause you to lose. We hope you love this game! We have so many plans for the player progression, but we focuses on the core strategic mechanic first. Thank you!
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