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@rrhoover probably the closest i've seen to a video community, it's the same person that did the learn to dance in 365 days. video upload process is hella janky (i mean there's not even an import / export to youtube or instagram) but the community seems really cool. it's https://twitter.com/karenxcheng project
I saw Karen’s pitch with Paul Graham at this year’s Startup School and prior to that, saw her viral video (along with everyone else). I like the idea but video is such a high hurdle for most people. I’m curious to see how they reduce friction to create (both mentally and physically). The majority of people will be consumers of the content though so it may be lesser of a priority for them.
yea i think mobile would basically fix it (instagram video basically kills friction)
Yes! Also check out tougher.me. It has some similarities. cc @karenxcheng
Hi there! I'm the co-founder of Give it 100, AMA!