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Reuse your Amazon shipping boxes to donate to Goodwill®

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#5 Product of the WeekDecember 25, 2016



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Brian Lee
Brian LeePro@kay0stheory · code monkey @ theymadethat
It's sad that this isn't upvoted more than the usual 'bread and circus' stuff on PH. Why is this big? When you recycle stuff like paper and cardboard with your waste management company, chances are that it isn't really being recycled. It's really just being stored in a warehouse UNTIL one day when it's profitable to recycle x-material. So with this program, you're helping a non-profit and you're actually recycling something right away. I hope they expand this program to include shipping material like those plastic bags inside your Amazon boxes. You can't really recycle that shipping insulation; most recycling operations just are not equiped to do so, and again it would really help out any organization to get that for free or near free.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@kay0stheory I'd also note that being Xmas, its likely lots of people havent seen this launch!
Brian Lee
Brian LeePro@kay0stheory · code monkey @ theymadethat
@bentossell good point and I'm happy to be proven wrong
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@kay0stheory this was the most upvoted post yesterday
Biz Debnath
Biz DebnathMaker@bizdebnath · Cofounder of givebackbox
@kay0stheory I agree!! Our idea tackles three pillars of sustainability. Economic, environmental and social. It recycles, helps people to help those in need and adds value to communities through working with non profits who get people back in to work and productive activities. Thank you for supporting us.
Jack@jackfitzgerald · Cheif Growth Officer, Growth Grind
Agree, should be in the 1000+ vote club.
Sunny max
Sunny max@sunnyua2u · @Axvibe - attract your vibe✨ free app
♻️ reduce - reuse - recycle 💚
Richard kim
Richard kim@cwrichardkim · dev | Google,, Drift, twindr
this is honestly such a huge idea
Alex Sharp
Alex Sharp@ajsharp · Founder / CEO @ ShareSecret
Unfortunately the website is a bit vague. Is this a way to donate your clothes by packing them into an amazon box and sending them somewhere with a prepaid label?
Chris Messina
Chris MessinaHunter@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
@ajsharp yes, Amazon will pay for the shipping to send your items to Goodwill.
Alex Sharp
Alex Sharp@ajsharp · Founder / CEO @ ShareSecret
@chrismessina RAD. That's amazing, thanks for the explanation.