Give a Pizza

The easiest way to Give a Pizza to someone in need

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Kristofer™@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Do they offer gift wrapping? B/c this could make Xmas shopping darn simple.
Jamil Velji
Jamil Velji@jamilvelji · Growth & Marketing Expert | Entrepreneur
Does it work in Canada or cross border (Canada to USA)? Major painpoint when doing random acts of pizza is sorting out payment to USA
Dimitar Bonev
Dimitar BonevMaker@dbonev · Founder @getqlibri
Hey PH, I'm part of the team (of two) that created @giveapizza Many thanks, @_jacksmith for posting it. @jamilvelji, for delivery, we use the awesome Ordr.In API which works almost everywhere across the U.S., but not in Canada (more info here: It works across borders (i.e. from Canada, you can buy a pizza to someone in the U.S.), but given that we deliver only in the U.S., the app is restricted to the U.S. AppStore for the time being. @KristoferTM :) no gift wrapping is possible at the moment, but that would be really awesome.
Leighton Cusack
Leighton Cusack@lay2000lbs · Co-founder, Kindrid
Hey @dbonev love the simple, spontaneous, generosity behind this concept. Especially in the holiday season. Could you tell me a bit more about what motivated you to create it and if you have long term plans for it? Thanks!
Dimitar Bonev
Dimitar BonevMaker@dbonev · Founder @getqlibri
Thanks for the kind words, @lay2000lbs. It all started as an idea for an app that lets you buy pizza to a random person (in the initial iteration only the "random" option existed) and we evolved this later on with ability to actually see whom are you giving a pizza to. We simply liked the idea for an app that lets you very quickly, with a push of a button, to make someone happy :) The overal feedback so far was very good -- people seem to like the idea, so we will continue working on it and evolving it.