Give A Dime

Donate change from each CC purchase by rounding up to the $

Hi Product Hunt, long-time listener, first-time caller :D. I'm so thankful someone felt Give A Dime should be here! This has been a labor of love of ours for the last year. I've run countless studies and spoke to many charities about how we could engage anyone to donate and make a difference in their communities - the result is Give A Dime. We're still very young, and have only launched in the last week. We'd love feedback on how we can improve the service and make an even greater impact!
A very simple and effective way to donate each month
@kristofertm Hi Kristofer, thanks for putting this up on Product Hunt! I can't wait to hear the feedback and how we can improve the service!
I wonder how this would work with Acorns...would I be donating 2x the amount of the roundup each transaction?
@treycopeland Hi Trey, Yes - Acorns and Give A Dime would not be aware of each other, so you'd end up both donating and saving the change from everyday purchases. The good part is that they shouldn't cause one or the other to fail :)
Congrats on the launch Harrison! What plans do you have in regards to expanding to more non-profits?
@charleyma We are planning to do two things: expand our footprint in specific communities and move to new ones (currently we only support SF). We take requests too! Go here and we will reach out and see if they would be a good fit. We personally vet each charity to make sure they are making a huge positive impact in their community and doing so as efficiently as possible. We also confirm what their plans are over the next 1-5 years to make sure the donations collected will truly make a difference.
This is an awesome product! Fantastic maker with a great vision! Can't wait to see something like this in the UK.