Collaborative Open Computer Science

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I believe GitXiv is more than a website connecting ArXiv's papers (website where there is open access to academic papers with their code on GitHub. It is a big push towards what they (and I will from now on) call Collaborative Open Computer Science. Right now it is a list of computer science papers (mostly machine learning) linked with their code, in a ProductHunt fashion. I see how this could become the new Github/central point for CS research.
@nicolagreco we want the maker here on PH!
This is a huge deal for me as a simple programmer who sometimes doesn't understand all the math from the papers. Having the code and being able to reproduce it and most importantly debug is amazing. Honestly, for me a paper without code is just lies.. damn lies.
@humanfromearth arguable! But I definitely see an advancement - especially in the Machine Learning field - where authors publish their code. I think this will avoid new authors from reinventing the wheel