Private notes for open source project maintainers

GitX is a chrome extension that allows you to add notes/comments, only visible to project collaborators. This helps maintainers of the project to communicate with each other in GitHub itself and not use any other communication channel.
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πŸ‘‹ Hey ProductHunt! Thanks for hunting @iamsooraj @karthik_s_kumar @pranavcbalan Thank you so much for making this out. Really excited to launch GitX on Product hunt. If you are open source project maintainer, you need private notes because you will get pull requests that you are not sure about. You want to post a comment for your colleague to look at but you don't want the pull requests contributor to see that notes. GitX allows you to add notes in pull request/issue pages and these are only visible to project collaborators and not any other users. This helps actual maintainers of the project to communicate with each other in GitHub itself. While building Chatwoot (, we got a lot of pull requests. For each pull request that needed discussion among the maintainers, we used zoom, telegram, and a few others. Then we thought of why not use GitHub for private communication among the internal team. In the end, we build GitX. The project is in the beta stage and code is fully open-sourced ( All kinds of contributions are welcome. Please do check out and give us some feedback. GitX is completely free ;)
GitX is a small and useful tool for open source software maintainers - It lets you add private comments on a Pull Request. Often collaborators have to discuss things that need not be public, and GitX lets you do that. Having built and maintained OSS in the past, I found this pretty interesting!
Been using Gitx extensively while developing chatwoot. It has proven to be a pretty handy tool for us.. It works seamlessly with you github workflow.
Keep the good work up @muhsin
Nice work.