GitTrends: GitHub Insights

Monitor Views and Clones of your GitHub Repositories

GitTrends helps you to monitor your GitHub Repositories!
✅ Connect to GitHub
✅ Monitor GitHub Repo Views
✅ Monitor GitHub Repo Clones
✅ Discover Referring Sites
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2 Reviews5.0/5
This app is amaaazzzing!! Super helpful to see which of my repos' are getting the most traffic!
🚀 I am so excited to share GitTrends with everyone today! I created GitTrends because I love contributing to open source libraries, but I had trouble keeping track of which repos were receiving traffic and which ones were not. For example, I recently discovered that a repo I hadn't updated in +2 years was still getting 10-20 views per week. All of the code is totally open source on GitHub and I absolutely welcome new feature requests and PRs!
Great app with a good and simple design too see everything you need at a glance🥳
Finally a Github monitoring tool, thanks Brandon
Great tool and a really nice design.