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#5 Product of the DayJuly 15, 2018

Gitstalk is a Web app that allows you to sneak peek into the recent activities of other GitHub users. No Login, No BS. Just enter the username and you are good to fly!

Dinuka Jayasuriya
Mubaris NK
Nuwan Delvita
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  • Dinuka Jayasuriya
    Dinuka JayasuriyaCodingRadio 📻 Maker's Kitchen 👨‍🍳

    Creative & intuitive UI


    None 🎉

    I've never seen this before! Unique and creative idea

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John Doherty
John Doherty@mrjohndoherty · Co-founder at
Great idea, feels like it should be part of github ;)
Markus Stefanko
Markus Stefanko@mastef · Dood:Puzzle Planet,pitchXO,Tab Manager+
@mrjohndoherty Agree, why doesn't github just show a simple view like this somewhere...
Samandar Ravshanov
Samandar Ravshanov@ok_samandar · Made &
@mrjohndoherty :) how can we email it to GitHub?
Nuwan Delvita
Nuwan Delvita@dev_denz
Super cool! Great work.
Dinuka Jayasuriya
Dinuka Jayasuriya@dinuka_jayasuriya · CodingRadio 📻 Maker's Kitchen 👨‍🍳
Nice work :) Love the idea