A dead simple Git cheat sheet.

#1 Product of the DayOctober 13, 2019
GitSheet is a simple git cheat sheet reference for common git commands saving you time and helping you learn how to use branches, show logs, undo changes, create tags, stashes and more. Commands are a click away from clipboard.
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Hey guys! I made GitSheet, a dead simple git reference as a weekend project to keep track of different git commands and make them easy to copy to clipboard. The list is definitely not exhaustive, I'm open for suggestions for additional commands or changes to the current ones. Hope it provides useful!
@tiivik hey, some basic commands are missing was that deliberate?
@shafkathullah_ihsan Hey! Yeah that was deliberate. I will be updating the list with additional commands though and include more sections.
@tiivik thx for the cheat sheet very useful!
@tiivik Cooll Cool Cooool! Useful. opensource it and other will fill it with more content
Nice project, I am not sure if the following command is correct git push origin :branch_name => Delete a remote branch.??
@ferid_movsumov This is correct, the colon essentially pushes null into the remote, deleting it. I'm butchering the technical behind-the-scenes but that's what it does.
this is really cool, nice job! we'll def be using it. would be great to see other regularly used commands like cherry pick, etc.
This is awesome!