Start sourcing candidate from Github.

GitRecruit: Start sourcing candidates from Github. Filter candidates based on location, language / skills based , follower and RecruitScore which is an aggregate of Github Contributions, Followers, Number of popular projects, stars and a few other metrics.
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How do you intend to get the approval of developer that didn't apply in being contacted ? If they do not ask for, wouldn't it be considered as harassment ?
@wetteren_remi Harassment would be a strong word to use, but ultimately the issue would be with the recruiter who contacted the developer, not the app the recruiter found the developer on. Also, this app doesn't give email addresses. It flags the profiles that have the dev's email on them, and the user of the service can click through to their profile. If the dev has put it on there, then it's public info. I've got nothing to do with this app/company or whatever. just trying to help out
@wetteren_remi I hear your concern and will be adding support to exclude a user from the being searchable. Also, Github TOS were very clear about not sharing email hence I am not sharing any of that information. All the information I am sharing is freely available on Github.
@wetteren_remi @rdlou exactly sharing email is against Github TOS
I remember source{d} use to crunch data from github to find the best engineers. They now pivoted completely to do something else, may be you should look into what they were doing to avoid making the same mistakes !
@chnsydney Sure will check.
Have you interviewed tech recruiters to know if the product is needed or not?
@mari_lee yes I did and they have been testing it and have positive feedback till now.
Interesting idea, but a few things. 1) How do you calculate your recruit score? 2) Is there a way to search by location? 3) Sorting would be a nice feature to have.
@_derek_mei recruit score is a function of your follower, your project and how popular they are , your github contributions and a few other things. Yes the left sidebar you can sort by location. They are default sorted by followers