A blog writing tool based on GitHub, designed for developers

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GitPress is built with modern developement tools chain you loved:
- It uses Git to sync content
- It uses Markdown as priority format
- It transform code into living code evaluator, allow running code in posts
  • Cedric Fung
    Cedric FungMixin me 25566

    1. Simple and elegant interface 2. Excellent GitHub integration


    All is good despite some small glitches.

    There are many these kind of products on the web, this one is really into my taste. It just does the job well and is pretty easy to master.

    Cedric Fung has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    easy to setup clean and minimal interface


    - post customization

    My reaction: It's the easiest way to use Git for blogging.

    Vishal K has used this product for one day.
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gitpressMaker@gitpressio · GitPress
Hi, I am the maker of GitPress. Greatly appreciate for any some feedbacks. Thank you!
Tony Ciccarone
Tony Ciccarone@ciccarone · Web Developer, Rhode Island
Nice, this is an interesting concept and I will come back to it and try it out this week. Great idea!
gitpressMaker@gitpressio · GitPress
@ciccarone Thank you, I will be here waiting.
王小九(Siton)@dandiwang · no bio
li lin
li lin@myrual · programmer
I have published many articles on It is so simple to publish multiple markdown files without run jeklly or GitHub Pages. Update content is so easy because GitPress did everything so you just focus on markdown file on GitHub. Cons: Some minor bugs. Welcome to my collection:
Katherine Smith
Katherine Smith@katherine_smith1
Good idea