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Thank you so much for hunting this @nayafia :) Hi PH! Every single GitHub client I tried to use on iOS was either too simple (single-feature), required payment for the most basic of features and/or didn't have the best UI. I've spent a significant amount of time making this a fully fledged GitHub client that would allow you to do everything you need to do. View repository and user information, control your notifications and even manage your issues and pull requests. GitPoint is the most feature-rich unofficial GitHub iOS client that is 100% free. A few of the things you can currently do with GitPoint: • Communicate on your issue and pull request conversations • Close or lock issues • Apply labels and assignees • Review and merge pull requests • Control your unread and participating notifications • Easily search for any user or repository The most important thing about GitPoint is that it's free and open source. That will never change and I'm excited to see it grow with a community :). Feedback will always be appreciated! Cheers, Houssein P.S. An Android version is coming soon!
@nayafia @hdjirdeh This looks amazing! Just out of curiosity, is this made using React Native?
Thank you so much @prasannapegu. Yes I should have made that more clear! The entire app was built with React Native and it's testament to how it can be used to build fluid and complete native UIs. It's also the main reason why launching Android so soon is such a possibility!
Stumbled upon this on Twitter and was impressed! GitHub on mobile isn't always easy, this looks like it will help. 😊
This looks awesome! I've been using Github for a while now and the lack of a good app for it was a bit annoying. I'm now eagerly awaiting the Android version :)
@artistmichi thank you this means a lot 😄 We're excited to have that rolled out in the coming weeks. Issue to track: