GitHub notifications delivered to your Mac

GitPigeon brings actionable GitHub notifications to your Mac.
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Hi Product Hunt 👋 I was frustrated with how GitHub manages notifications. I couldn’t filter them by those requiring my action and had to check GitHub every few hours to see if there’s something new. That’s why our team at MonoFocus built GitPigeon, an easy way to receive the most important notifications on your Mac. Get notified when: - You got @mentioned in a comment. - Someone reviewed your Pull Request. - Someone requested your review. - Someone replied to your review. - Checks on your Pull Request failed. - All checks on your commit passed (CI/CD). PS. We’re working on GitPigeon for iOS, GitLab support is also on the roadmap. (you can join the waitlist on the website) We’re curious what you think!
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Nice one. I’m waiting for the GitLab support!
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@lukaszmtw Thanks! Will let you know when we ship it 🚢
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Omg this is great. Just what I needed! Their iOS app notifications are completely useless and I miss things happening on my own PRs constantly.
@pugson Great to hear you like our idea! Would you be interested in an iOS app?
Awesome tool! What about... Bit Bucket...? 🥺👉👈
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@albert_wolszon Thanks! About Bitbucket... sadly we’re not considering the support at this moment
Good job guys !
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@martin_stremiz We're glad you like it! 💚