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GitNews is an infinite Newsfeed of repositories from Github, HackerNews & Reddit

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Hello people! Since I was finding Facebook browsing very boring and unproductive, I looked for something else more interesting and I found the trending section of Github. I enjoyed using it a lot until I realized that Github Trending was showing no more than 25 results every day (and it's often the same from one day to another) and this is not enough to keep browsing and replace Facebook! That is why I decided to build GitNews, to gather trending repositories from different sources, such as HackerNews, Reddit and Github (and more in the future), and provide an engaging infinite scrolling. I also used this idea to learn NativeScript VueJS (an awesome framework by the way) - @igor_randj amazing job thanks - and here you can find how: GitNews is not perfect so all the feedbacks are welcome to improve it πŸ˜‰
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Hey guys!! congrats for the app! it is really cool and even addictive! Also I am loving the cute logo ☺️ 😍 What are the next sources of repos you might include? How did you find it to develop it with NativeScript? I am mobile developer myself and at the end I always do double work and go full native for both OS
@patricia_mayo1 Thanks a lot! As concern the next sources I was thinking about product hunt. I think NativeScript Vue is very cool mostly because I can keep the component based architecture of VueJS and use the Vuex architecture. Then to build it for both OS is a bit more tricky because you need to be sure that one change will not mess in the other OS. Nevertheless NativeScript has a cloud deployement feature that let's you build for iOS without having a macbook and this is pretty amazing!
Really helpful app to quickly check what’s hot.
@paschalis_tsolakidis Thanks, glad you like it!
Great idea !! πŸ‘
@sarada_sagadevin Thanks a lot!