Get a T-shirt with your GitHub contribution map on it

From now everyone can bring his snapshots of intellectual property to the material world. Every GitHub user could print a t-shirt with his own contributions map and proudly wear it to show how cool it to be a creator of the future.
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Ryan HooverFounder, Product Hunt
Clever. Reminds me that we need to create more Product Hunt merch. 🤔
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@rrhoover my friend Vasiliy, who is the founder of GitMerch, started a company Merch38 ( to personalize t-shirts by integrating in different platforms. Maybe there could be some synergy between Product Hunt and Merch38.
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Daniel SodkiewiczEntrepreneur & Software Engineer
Does it sync with github and update automatically?
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@dansodkiewicz sure! your print on the cloth will be updated each time you do new contributions.
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@dansodkiewicz but the main thing - you shouldn't wash it!
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Nate DavisUI/UX Designer
Wow such a simple yet awesome idea for a t shirt design. Awesome job!
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@_nathanieldavis That is such a clever idea to be implemented. I wonder why nobody did it before this. This should serve as an example of how you can have great ideas that are so simple in their design. But, that’s what the 21st century represents. Simple, but life-changing ideas that need to be improved. I’ve read some interesting articles on about how to print on T-shirts and what do you need for this. I’m not ashamed to say, I didn’t succeed at all. And my ideas are not as great as this one. Anyway, I will have to buy at least one T-shirt because 25 bucks is not that much for such a thing that I need to have right now.
Chetty ArunDesign Lead @Razorpay
This would be a cool gift to an engineer!
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Dima DewinnMaker of Norm
Looks good, congrats to the team! Will try it
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