Get a T-shirt with your GitHub contribution map on it

#5 Product of the DayJune 07, 2019
From now everyone can bring his snapshots of intellectual property to the material world. Every GitHub user could print a t-shirt with his own contributions map and proudly wear it to show how cool it to be a creator of the future.
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Clever. Reminds me that we need to create more Product Hunt merch. πŸ€”
@rrhoover my friend Vasiliy, who is the founder of GitMerch, started a company Merch38 ( to personalize t-shirts by integrating in different platforms. Maybe there could be some synergy between Product Hunt and Merch38.
Wow such a simple yet awesome idea for a t shirt design. Awesome job!
This would be a cool gift to an engineer!
Looks good, congrats to the team! Will try it
Does it sync with github and update automatically?
@dansodkiewicz sure! your print on the cloth will be updated each time you do new contributions.
@dansodkiewicz but the main thing - you shouldn't wash it!