This extension integrates GitLab to your VSCode by adding GitLab specific commands to VSCode command palette and status bar.

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Hey @fatihacet, What made you want to build this? Has it helped with your work?
@jacqvon I am a Sr. Frontend Engineer at GitLab and we recently did a survey within the Frontend team to see which tools we were using and how we were using them, in order to learn from one another and to build better workflows. Through this survey, we determined VSCode is the most used IDE within the team. This led to the idea for a GitLab extension for VSCode that could help boost productivity. After I did the initial version then I shared it with my fellow GitLabbers on our internal Slack and received a lot of positive feedback.
Is it useful? Any bugs?
@prestonlittle I would say it's useful. It's especially becoming useful if you have running pipeline. You can see the pipeline state on VSCode status bar and even retry or cancel it directly from VSCode. So yeah, feel free to give it a try and let me know your feedbacks. I may contain bugs since it's still in beta and in early stage. If you have any problems and either create an issue on GitLab or write down here I would be more than happy to fix it.
Awesome I just switched to VSCode due Atom’s slowness... and are a big GitLab fan
@schpn Thank you 😍
VSCode + GitLab = Awesomeness
@deve1oper Thank you 😍

I would really like to see the option to create a new project and automatically add it as a git remote provider.


Sounds good


Not everything i'd like to see