Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push.

Gitkube is tool for building and deploying docker images on Kubernetes using git push.

After a simple initial setup, users can simply keep git push-ing their repos to build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes automatically. It can be configured to update any k8s deployment with a newly built image using dockerfile present in the repo.

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Hello everyone! Thank you Kevin for hunting us! Gitkube can be installed on any Kubernetes cluster. It can create a git remote url for updating k8s deployments. When source code along with a Dockerfile is pushed to this git remote, Gitkube can build the docker image and update the k8s deployment with the new image. There is no CLI to be installed, no local docker required, just a git push to get your code on k8s. Gitkube came as an outcome of easing application deployment workflow with Hasura, a PaaS on Kubernetes. Returning to first principles and looking beyond the sheer number of continuously evolving tooling for application deployment, git came out as a natural choice for driving dev workflows. Git is a part of every developers toolkit. Combining git with Kubernetes gives a seamless process of deploying applications while keeping the operational burden to a minimum for the developer. Try it out and let us know what you think!
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We were on HN last week and got some great reception. You can check out the discussion here:
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