Decentralized git profiles - like Github but for all

Share your open source contributions with the world, do not let one company control how your git profile looks like, thanks to blockstack tech you are in control.
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I am the developer of gitix and happy to present you the beginning of a decentralized github, at least with regards to the social part. With the github/Iran story and more people moving from github to gitlab or other git service providers the community of open source developers gets divided. I wanted to create a place where everybody can show off their projects on any git host. Gitix recognized github, gitlab, bitbucket and githuman and supports self-hosted git repositories as well. It is backed by blockstack technologies. That means that the profile is owned, hosted and controlled by the user, not by gitix. Gitix is just an aggregator. Currently, github users have some kind of premium support because blockstack allows to verify github accounts... but with verifiable claims coming to blockstack this will change. Give it a try and share your profile here! No account needed, just use your digital identity on blockstack. This is my git profile:
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I tried this out and I really like it!
@dantrevino Thank you for trying out. If you agree, I am happy to add your profile to the currently hand selected list of suggested users.
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